Tubes with a Difference: Strapya Mini Speakers are Cute

Sometimes, what appears to be, need not be what it’s supposed to be. Take the tube mini speaker for example. Marketed by Strapya World, the mini speakers appear like tubes of cosmetics or any other stuff that is available in a tubular form. The speakers – available in five bright colours, stand on their caps and, most importantly, do not roll over when placed on their sides. It would be, perhaps, wrong to use slang to describe these speakers, but the fact remains that these mini contraptions are funky, cool, and swank. The younger generation – especially the college-going crowd, who pride themselves as being hep and happening, will get a further boost with this latest addition to technology.

Mobility [size of the speaker is approximately 11.5 cm height x 5 cm weight x 3 cm dimension] and conspicuousness will not pose a problem as the appliance does not require any heavy lugging, and is as inconspicuous as it could be. The only attachments necessary are the audio cable requisite for connecting the device in order to avail of its services, and a USB cable required to charge the gadget.

The directions for utilizing the speaker are very simple and completely unlike any other modern gizmos. The socket or the jack to insert the plug is located near the side of the tube. When required to be used, the user needs to just plug in the necessary cord to either a mobile phone or any other music device.  Users, however, need to know that the speaker, when connected to a mobile phone, needs to have a converter in order to permute and adapt the format of the songs effectively. Additionally, it also has to be noted that iPods are not compatible with these speakers, though considering the developments happening in the world of technology, it would not be wrong to assume that there soon would be a better evolved version of the tube speaker.

Getting back to other specifications pertaining to the speaker, the volume control in the tube is controlled by manoeuvring the caps in a clockwise and anti-clockwise manner. In order to switch off the device, one has to remove the audio cable and rotate the cap counter clockwise. While charging, one has to pay attention to the light located above the plug jack. Once the light is off, it indicates that the speaker is fully charged and ready to be used.

Users also need to pay special attention to product guidelines which states that the tubular speaker needs to be kept away from heat, moisture, and vibration which may pose problems in the working of the device. Avoiding the above mentioned factors – easy as easy could be.

Strapya World markets the Colorful Tube Mini Speaker at 1,280 Japanese Yen, which amounts to around $23.20. At first glance, it might look to be expensive but considering the sheer innovativeness of the product, and the thinking involved in designing such a gizmo, one can think twice about rejecting the offer to own such a techo-ware.

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