Unplug the Plug Mug Design

Well, it does function just like it looks, as it can be unplugged so the beverage spills out – It is the Plug Mug. You might be thinking who would want such a mug, or what is its actual purpose? You will find it being sold at just $15.99, that’s how much they find it worth, I guess.

new plug mug design

The Plug Mug has apparently been designed this way to keep those people who play pranks on you at home or in your office and who steal your mugs away, that is its complete purpose. You can leave your mug anywhere, unplugged, so no one else can use it, while it is also advised that you do not forget to put the plug back in while using it yourself, before pouring in your hot coffee, or forget where you have you plug hidden away, to end up with a mug that cannot be used!

The Plug Mug sets a different design standard that is for sure. But, in this age, where the consumer always needs more…in terms of function, use or purpose the plug mug fails to set the mark although it is definitely worth being part of a collection of cool mugs. Some other cool mugs you can take a look at are the beverage warmer and the 2 Carat Gold Ring Mug.