Keep Warm Through the Winter with these USB Heating Slippers

Anyone who lives in a place with cold winters knows that the first thing that begins to freeze are your feet, and now keeping your feet warm will never again be a problem with these cool USB heating slippers. Nothing is cosier than sitting in a plush couch with a book sipping hot cocoa in the winters, and the only thing that can improve this scene are these awesome USB slippers.

usb heating slippers

These slippers would even work when you are in the office, and your colleagues insist on cranking up the air conditioner to below freezing point, or if you are chilling out with your buddies playing video games, or just working from home. Since they are USB powered, they also work on any device that has a USB port, like your PS2 or MP3 player dock, not to mention your PC, laptop or mac. These slippers come in a single size, and they have dimensions of approximately 13″x13″. Priced at just $29.99, these USB heating slippers are the perfect buy for the winter season. My only problem with these slippers is that they look kinda ugly, but if you don’t care about that, then they’re the perfect solution for cold feet 😉