A USB Wedding Ring for a Nerdy Couple

Wedding bells are ringing. Preparations are on in full swing. You have known each other for a long time and soon it will be time to stand at the altar. Vowing your love to your beloved it will be time to exchange rings.

A ring that will stay with for your entire life, a ring that you will gift your beloved as a token of your love. This should be no ordinary ring. You will definitely want it to be the best ring that you could offer. And it must be that special ring that expresses your emotions and at the same time makes your fiance believe how much he/she is loved.  You would need to search your heart and your soul for that special ring and the message to be engraved on it.

Nerdy Wedding Ring

One special wedding ring that has recently come to light is that of Ray Arifianto. Arifianto is a part of Microsoft’s Xbox Platform team. He is soon to get married to the lady he loves and has got a wedding ring like no one has had before. Though called nerdy, the design looks pretty well thought out and has a creative edge to it. The USB design on the ring could not have been a better choice for a software professional. The engraving on the ring is very special with a pun intended on words, “for a lifetime of memories.” With creative people around it this sure does bring forward the ingenuous brains that have gone into the making of the ring.

You could call them nerdy, stylish or designer, but a ring for a special occasion as a marriage speaks a lot about both partners. It shows how well each one of the partners knows each other. This was not the only ‘nerdy’ ring in fact. Many more have been made and many are yet to be made. For example there is one which has been made with the binary language engraved on the ring. Another ring heats up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit every hour, for 10 second, 24 hours prior to the anniversary. Should we call it cool or hot? These facts are not just confined to wedding rings but also hold true with different aspects of a wedding.

Consider the wedding invitations. Time and again invitations are sent out reflecting the personalities of those getting married. The wedding cake is another very special aspect in a wedding.

No matter how nerdy you get with your wedding preparations what matters in the end is the love you have for each other and everything else falls in place – whether it has been nerdy or not.

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Via: Kotaku