Who Smashed The Hulk?

Gift items are plenty in the market but the one which has a personal touch is indeed special. Xander Thurteen, crafted this wooden toy for his friend.

hulk smash

This ‘hulky’ and funky gift is made of a wooden box that is  supported by two small wooden boxes. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  It is the creative painting that has made all the difference and transformed an ordinary piece of wood into an extraordinary show piece. I’m pretty confident that Xander’s friend would have loved it.

The artist seems to have visualized the smashed face of the Incredible Hulk, a character from Marvel Comics. It is quite a funny and unusual depiction of the savage, green hulk. Children gonna love this bulky hulkie, take form of a toy.

If you want to make the Incredible Hulk angry, you dont have to punch him hard, just show him his smashed version.

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