Wonder Woman Lunch Box For A Power Lunch

Treat yourself a real “power lunch” with the new Wonder Woman lunch box which comes with salt and pepper shakers. This package of lunch box with salt and pepper shakers brings the Amazon-princess-turned- super heroine close at hand. With the lunch kit, all you need to do for an amazing power lunch is shaking a little on your meal. The salt and pepper shakers are 6-inches tall and can easily carry as many amounts of salt or pepper as you want. The wonderful twist of the salt and pepper shaker is easy and fun to use for kids above 3 years. The lunch box makes an impact with an artfully decorated Wonder Woman all over the shell.

The artwork will be particularly liked by girls, as Wonder Woman apparently is a member of an all-female tribe of Amazon, sent to “man’s world” as an ambassador. The people of Amazon consider her as Princess Diana as she secretly crowns herself with the identity of Prince Diana. The powers of Wonder Woman are highly enjoyable to witness as she practices them with vigor and strength. She is known for her super strength, flight and hand-to-hand compatibility. For those who did not know her weapons of power, she uses the Lasso of Truth, which forces people bound by it to tell the truth, an invisible plane, and a pair of bullet-deflecting bracelets.

Priced at an affordable $20.99, the wonder woman lunch box with salt and pepper shakers can make you feel the prowess of Wonder Woman to attract people. The lunch box and the matching salt and pepper shakers measure 6.5”W x 3.25”D x 5.5”H, and are easy to hand wash as they are made of ceramic. Weighing 13.6 ounces, the lunch box is lightweight and can be easily carried in a bag. The portability and space inside the lunch box increase its scope and can be carried anywhere and everywhere.

The lunch box is a reasonable buy as it helps to keep the comfort levels bound without disturbing the space in the carrier bag, and letting you carry as much as you want. The parts of the lunch box are also easy to remove and hand wash. In addition, there is special space for each shaker so that you do not have to stuff it with your meal. Moreover, the lunch box is smaller than the standard size of a lunch box, and carries colors that appeal to the eye.

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