You and Me Wall Clock for Modern Globe Trotting Geek Couples

Relationships are transcending geographical borders easily these days thanks to Internet. Couples often dwell in different time-zones and juggle sleep hours to keep in touch in virtual and real space. Geek couples will simply love this You and Me Wall Clock for in one glance it can tell time in six different geographic locations.

you and me wall clock

There have been geek watches and clocks which tell time in different time-zones but this one seems to be simplest of them all. Moreover it reveals time of different locales where siblings, parents, partner or lovers dwell.  It comes with six spare blank hands, so just affix and mark them with names of near and dear ones who are far away geographically. This is will be excellent gift for globe-trotters who have numerous friends all over the world but very few fond closest ones.

Thanks to the Internet and modern communication technology one can be great virtual globe trotter and connect to people whom one may never meet but yet they become close enough to be marked up on this clock. This clock is in tune with contemporary era where people multitask and share multiple relationships. It comes in bright pink color and costs
. Here are some other creative minimalist clock designs like Simple Icon Clocks and The Incomplete Clock but I am sure You and Me Clock  is going to be the best sold out valentine gift this year!

via Gizmodiva