Chic Up Your Apple Power Adapter With iCat & iMouse Case Holders

Some will say that this is a bit silly but I personally think this is super cute and useful! It’s defiantly a unique way to “spice up” your boring and white Apple power adapter. It’s colorful and brings up the wall so way not?

Meet the  iCat & iMouse Case Holder, this little plastic helper comes in two shapes, a cat and a mouse and beside decorating your adapter so its looks adorable it really have a nice and useful function as a mini docking station.

iCat & iMouse Case Holder

These cute  iCat & iMouse case holders retails for $9.90 and comes in Black,Blue,Wihte, Yellow, Green or Pink.

iCat & iMouse Case Holder 4

As I said ,beside making your adapter better looking actually it functions as a little docking station to your iPhone as well, but using the cats or mouse tail you can place your iPhone on top of it while charging you phone. This is actually a pretty cool functions since sometimes you don’t have a place to put your phone on or sometimes the cable is too short. Another great thing about this function is that it’s actually protecting your phone small children that might drop it or will want to play with the cord or the phone.

iCat & iMouse Case Holder 1

via Gizmodiva