10 Original Uses For An Ice Cube Tray

If you’re the kind of girl that loves kitchen gadgets, the next idea might sound very interesting- why not to use an ice cube tray as a kitchen gadget? There are a-lot of original uses for an ice cube tray… and creating ice is not one of them! Here are some great ideas for cool things you can do with this new “gadget”.

1. Make chocolate-covered cheesecake bites

Put small pieces of cheesecake in the ice cube tray, pour some melted hot chocolate on top, then put in the freezer for a couple of hours and you’ll get a delicious treat! ice cube tray gadget

2. Freeze herbs, in olive oil

Freeze herbs, like parsley, in olive oil. That way you can keep your herbs from going to waste. ice cube tray gadget 2

3. Freeze Baby food

That way you don’t have to make such a small amount of food every time your baby needs to eat. ice cube tray gadget 3

4. Make mini Popsicle

A great little treat for a hot summer day. ice cube tray gadget 4

5. Make chocolate ice cubes

Except of the obvious, another great use for chocolate ice cubes is to add them to vanilla milk or to a regular milk. ice cube tray gadget 5

6. Make interesting ice cocktail cubs for your cocktail

Instead of putting regular boring ice cubes in your cocktail (that just dilutes your drink), create an awesome ice cube that matches your drink. For example: Pina colada cubes for your pina colada!). Another similar idea is to make coffee ice cubes for your iced co. ice cube tray gadget 6

 7. Freeze fruit juice and add it to water

Drinking water is usually pretty boring. In order to add some taste, you can freeze cubes of your favorite juice and just add it to your glass of water or sparkling water. ice cube tray gadget 7

8. Make Jello shots

ice cube tray gadget 8

9. Make hot chocolate on a stick

Hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows is a great treat for a cold winter day, but when you freeze the whole thing it’s a cool treat for a hot summer day (literally). ice cube tray gadget 9

10. Freeze Buttermilk

When you bake, you usually need only small amounts of buttermilk. Freezing buttermilk in an ice cube tray will make your life easi! ice cube tray gadget 10                                                     Source