Outdoor Inflatable Theater Is Here Just in Time For Summer

With summer finally starting to come on strong, you’re probably turning your mind to some fun outdoor activities. Maybe it’ll be golf, some tennis, or if you are the more leisurely type, this outdoor inflatable theater. Yes, you heard me correctly there, this is an inflatable theater system that transforms your backyard into your very own cinema. This way, you can enjoy watching TV or your favorite movie outside without feeling guilty about spending all of your time indoors instead of the nice weather.

The theater system is constructed using a bright white vinyl 72″ screen frame and the whole thing inflates in under 5 minutes thanks to the electric pump that’s included. It is weather resistance and solid PVC constructions means it can withstand those sudden showers. The projector that’s included runs at 480p resolution and a 16:9 aspect ratio with 900 lumens for optimal brightness. I don’t know what lumens are, exactly, but they sure do sound important. It also includes twin 8″ water resistant speakers that plug into the projector for a surround sound experience. Note that both the pump and projector cannot resist water, so keep them safely under shelter. If you are so inclined, all of this equipment can be blown up indoors, too. I’m not sure if that equates to bad luck, similar to opening an umbrella indoors, but I think you’ll be OK. Considering how much is included with your purchase, the price tag of $999.95. doesn’t sound all that outrageous. Just keep the pins away from it.

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