CoolWare Personal Cooling System with Motorized Fan

You don’t need to be afraid of the summer season anymore. This CoolWare Personal Cooling System is meant to provide you with winter coolness even during the hottest weather.

It’s comfortable and it’s worth it for anyone who stresses out because of the heat. It has a comfortable padding structure that you can wear on your neck, and it will chill down your spine!

There are cooling plates integrated in the collar-like structure that are meant to provide the coolness. The device is battery powered and pretty handy. You can take it anywhere you want it whether it’s your workplace or your farm house. It is especially for those busy people who are always on the go regardless of the season. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional and the heat kills you, you should wear this thing the next time you feel stressed out.

Here are some more specifications of the product:

– It is battery powered. One AA battery is enough to run the device!

– A motorized fan is integrated within the structure that provides the coolness.

– Along with the fan, a cooling system with anodized aluminum construction is integrated as well to make the breeze cooler!

– The fan speed is adjustable, so you don’t need to worry about any neck sprains because of the extra cold breeze it produces.

– Easy to wear and use. The user simply needs to switch on the Hi-Fan and put on the device on his neck. The machine starts producing the ‘cooling effect’ within minutes.

– The fabric is anti-bacterial, so you won’t need to be bothered for it getting dirty and unhygienic.

– You need to refill it in every 2 to 4 hours depending upon your usage.

This CoolWare Personal Cooling System is truly amazing and is meant for people who hate going out in the heat. It’s available for $39.99icon, and can be the next best birthday present for your dad or mom. If you don’t want them to stress out because of the sun and working for straight 12 hours, then this is what you should give them. Believe it or not, they will love it!

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