Foreo Luna Takes Exfoliation to the Next Level

Getting rid of the dead skin cells on your face is essential for maintaining a healthy and good-looking visage. Foreo Luna is a tiny gadget that performs this function impeccably.

Luna does not only clean your face and makes it glow in sign of health, but it also helps with the absorption of your favorite skin care products. The anti-aging and facial cleaning system developed by Foreo is designed to refreshen the skin of both men and women, as products with similar capabilities have been created for both genders.

Foreo Luna was named “Innovation of the Year” by Swedish ELLE Beauty Awards 2014, and even though the manufacturer itself is from Sweden, I tend to believe that the decision was unbiased. Such confirmations of value emphasize the fact that Luna isn’t your run-of-the-mill face exfoliation gadget.

One of the most remarkable things about Luna is its design. The oval shape makes it easy to hold in hand and glide it across the face. Besides that, Luna isn’t a product that you need to use a few hours a day to see the results. Two minutes in the morning and at night, and the results should be visible in as little as three days. The silicone bristles, combined with the T-Sonic pulsations emitted by the device, are able to clean the pores and get rid of blackheads in no time. With prolonged use, the pores will become smaller, the skin firmer and wrinkles will be a thing of the past. Well, at least the finer ones.

Luna can be recharged, and a full charge should last for 450 beauty treatments. Foreo backs its product with a 2-year limited warranty and a 10-year quality guarantee. As you can see in the above picture, Foreo Luna is available in three different versions, distinguishable by color. However, you can just order the color you like the most, as each of them is adequate only for a particular skin type. That being said, White is for ultra-sensitive skin, Pink is for sensitive/normal skin, while the Blue one is for combination skin. All models cost $199 on the Foreo website, so if you’re considering getting one, head over there and make a purchase. And while you’re at it, get one for your significant other, as well!

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