Style Pro 31 Makes Your Bathroom Clutter Free

How often have you wanted to do your morning makeup routine only to find bathroom sink cluttered beyond repair? Veteran Tennessee Titans safety Bernard Pollard came up with a gadget that brings order back into your life.

Bernard Pollard is still active in NFL, but since the retirement age approaches with quick steps, he had to make plans for a second career. With that in mind, he proceeded to inventing and patenting Style Pro 31, a sink tray that helps you organize all your toiletries.

In an interview with Tennessean, Pollard stated that “It is truly a blessing to see this come to fruition. Patients at hospitals, people in hotels and apartments, students in dorms, people on cruise ships who need more space around the sink. … I just want this product to assist people and I think it can.”

Style Pro 31 is a foldable sink tray that provides plenty of room for all the things you may need, regardless if you’re putting on makeup or simply arranging your hair. Besides that, the shape of this bathroom sink tray still enables you to have the water running, but you should pay attention to that while using things that are connected to power outlets. Style Pro 31 is so light that you can easily take it with you while traveling, and the fact that it folds away when not needed is a huge plus in that direction.

It’s a bit ironic that such a tough person like Pollard invented and patented a tray for women’s toiletries. Titans safety Michael Griffin couldn’t resist the temptation of teasing Pollard, even though he bought a Style Pro 31 tray for his fiancĂ©e: “You hear Bernard talk and he can sound barbaric, like a gladiator, in interviews. And you see how he plays on the field. For someone to come off as such a tough guy, to come up with a product for women. But, hey, I applaud him for thinking outside the box and going for it. It’s actually a great idea.”

This bathroom gadget is available in white and black in the Shop section of and can be purchased for $39.99. If you think that the simple version is too bland, you can choose to have a personalized company logo embossed in the top right part of the tray. Besides that, the manufacturer enables pretentious customers to order Style 31 Pro in the color of their choosing.

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