Texthook is the Ultimate Smartphone Holder For Moms

Keeping herself tuned with the outside world often becomes quite tough for today’s stay-at-home moms, but nothing is actually impossible in today’s generation of high-end technology. The Texthook is an ultimate smart phone holder that is especially designed to help moms stay tuned with the incoming calls.

tecthook smartphone holder

The Texthook holder perfectly fits in any place that has a handle bar and is mainly made of four parts. The base, top slider, mount and Velcro strap of the Texthook helps to firmly place itself along with your phone too. This phone holder can be easily clipped to any handle bar and thus helping you to push button, write a text or email even when you are out or busy. Texthook phone holder is designed to fit almost all the phone series and Blackberry devices.

This neat cellphone device fits itself to any product that has a handle bar, so that it can be easier to attach in the bars of your baby stroller, shopping trolley, exercise equipment or even in bikes. Texthook is a simple concept, yet can be a necessity in your daily life of busy schedule. Not only for moms, but Texthook works out to be a must have for everyone in today’s busy life.

Via: [Gizmag]