A Recycled 6 pack Flower Vase

recycled beer cans flower planters

Did you find anything odd about this picture? If you have, then you would know that the flowers have been arranged to settle inside beer cans. 6 used beer cans have been put together to create a 6 pack vase, using a plastic sheet which is up for sale at ATYPYK. Take a better look…

beer cans flower vases

Now if any of you can come up with a better idea than this, for recycling those used beer cans, then it would be definitely appreciated and you are welcome to tell us about them. Once you buy the plastic sheet, the beer cans can be painted with different colors permanently, or can be painted every time you have a new bunch of flowers.

Recycling such materials now-a-days is the key to a better living, and should gradually become a part of our lives. So I guess we should all think of such innovative things once in a while. I am sure there are some things in our closets at home which we either do not want to throw away or just cannot get rid off. Wouldn’t it be fun to transform them into something really neat just like this 6 pack vase? other interesting works are the bomb flower vase and the Egg Ceramic vases which you should definitely take a look at.

Image: Independent