Multipurpose Double-faced Pan for Modern Kitchens

Modern urban homes in most cities have transformed into compact studio apartments with small open kitchens and people living there have to work long hours to be able to afford that little shelter. Given this reality, it is interesting to see designers constantly thinking out of box to create multifunctional accessories, which can save both space and time. Here is a Double-faced Pan which has an interesting shape that makes it possible to use it for roasting as well as for deep frying.

multipurpose double faced pan1

Most homes need different kinds of pans for different kinds of cooking and these pans take up much storage space.  The Double-faced pan does away this need of different pans with its innovative shape.

multipurpose double faced pan2

multipurpose double faced pan5

All that one needs to do is to hold the pan in different angles to be able to use it for different kinds of cooking.  Use it flat for roasting and tilt it for deep frying.

multipurpose double faced pan3

multipurpose double faced pan4

The best aspect of the Double-faced pan is its extremely contemporary and stylish design. It is ideal for people who love unconventional modern kitchen accessories like The Healthy Deep Fryer or Touch Sensitive Stove Top.

Via Yanko Design