A Modern Touch Sensitive Stovetop – The William

The stovetop is probably the most important appliance of the kitchen universe. All your cooking needs are taken care of by the humble stovetop. You can use the common four-burner stovetop to boil, cook, and reheat food. The household appliance is extremely easy to use as well as to maintain.

For all its simplicity and functionality, the stovetop poses certain limitations for the current generation of users. The first, and probably the most important drawback for the modern user is that cooking on a stovetop needs constant supervision. The user just cannot leave something on the stove and go to check their mails or chat with friends. With numerous distractions such as internet and television, the stovetop can become a site for a kitchen accident.

On an ordinary stovetop, a maximum of four or five burners can be used simultaneously. If there is a need to use more than five burners, the user will have to wait until one of the occupied burners is available.

Time has now come for a modern stovetop that answers to the needs of modern users. Many concept stovetops have tried to overcome the current limitations and become the next household cooking appliance. There is one concept, however, that looks the most likely to be a part of your future kitchen. The stove concept in question is called ‘The William’.

The William is a flat, smooth cooking surface that employs its entire surface area for cooking. The user can cook up to 21 different items simultaneously on The William as compared to four or five on an ordinary stovetop. The stove concept consists of 1500 separate honeycombs embedded with custom signature technology. Custom signature technology senses the surface area of the vessel and distributes heat evenly across that particular surface area.

If The William’s custom signature technology is innovative, then the completely touch sensitive control unit of the stove is definitely impressive. With the amazing control panel, users can have unparalleled control over the cooking process. The user can adjust the temperature required and the cooking time of each vessel placed on the cooking surface. There is also an automatic option that allows the user to turn off the heat after a certain amount of time.

The William is just as easy to use as the ordinary stovetop, and with its intuitive user experience, consumers should have no problems in switching to the future stovetop. You can check out The William in action on YouTube.

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