Tea Table with a Ripple Effect

When it comes to a tea table with a difference, nothing beats this innovative design by Korean industrial designer Jeonghwa Seo created in partnership with Hanna Chung.

The designers have tried to integrate the eastern mentality towards social relationships into this tea table.

The ‘ripple effect’ refers to the easterners’ common belief that small objects or changes in an individual can create a huge impact on the larger society, thus building a totalitarian culture.

Every time a user moves the tea cup or the saucer placed on this tea table, the top water layer builds up ripples, thus bringing the idea of cultural mentality, which the ‘ripple effect’ is believed to stand for.

No wonder that this innovative design is sure to be preferred for the traditional tea ceremonies as well as with common people who want to bring a touch of magic into the mundane act of drinking tea.

To light up this tea table, you can get hold of the frosted scroll solar lanterns, or bring the Bloom Lamp to light up your interiors in order to make your tea sessions all the more fun and exciting.

Via: DesignBoom