Frosted Scroll Solar Lanterns Will Brighten Up Your Table and Garden

Are you romantic kind who loves to have quiet candle light dinner on weekends at home by creating right ambiance? You can now add more beauty to the dim lit ambiance by using these pair of Frosted Scroll Solar Lanterns and let light and frosted scroll create elegant patterns on the table. If you have a luxury of having a private lawn or garden then these lanterns can even be mounted on stakes to illuminate your green space at nights.

Frosted Scroll Solar Powered Lantern

Solar lanterns are not a new concept, but the deviation of these Frosted Scroll lanterns lies in the use of frosted glass, the overall antique look and the internal battery which is charged through solar panel. They have trendy switches and since there are no wires or cords these lamps are portable and can be placed on any table-top. Once charged the battery lasts for 8 hours which is enough for any small late night party. Best part is you can be trendy and eco friendly by using these lanterns every night and save on electricity bills too.

This Frosted Scroll Solar Lantern will appeal to anyone who opts for simple minimalist décor and elegance instead of bright flashy stuff. They come in pair of two and instead of £29.99, they are discounted to the price is £24.99. If you are interested in other elegant light designs do take a look at The Bloom Lamp or The Matroyshka Nesting Doll Light Design.

Via Envirogadget