Final Fantasy Collectibles Are Too Cute To Play With!

The Final Fantasy series is well-known for the amazing graphics and especially good looking powerful characters but what it is most famous for is the dream-like feeling that it bestows upon the players of the game. Pick up any installment of the Final Fantasy game from Square Enix and you’ll walk away feeling like a warrior.

final fantasy trading arts mini figures

Nothing can compare to the leading a Final Fantasy warrior through the realms of the game, except perhaps owning one of your favorite characters. This set of four figurines from the game is the third release of collectibles and includes the invincible Hume sky pirate Balthier and his faithful half-Veela warrior Fran from Final Fantasy XII. Joining Balthier and Fran is Aerith Gainsborough from Final Fantasy VII and Tidus from Final Fantasy X.

Beautiful Aerith who seems like the materialization of all that is Earthly and natural may have died years ago but that hasn’t stopped fans from fantasizing about her reincarnation. Adored by girls for her beauty (and by boy for the same reason!), this collectible can be bought with the hope of Aerith’s return someday. I know Mandy Moore is definitely getting this for her collection!

The attention given to the figurines is amazing and even Tidus looks happy (even without Yuna by his side). This would be the perfect gift for your little girl; it looks great and costs just $21.