Singing Machine Karaoke Pedestal Brings the Party to Your Living Room

Part of the Enthusiast Series, the Singing Machine Karaoke Pedestal is an excellent choice for the ones who are to shy to sing in front of a crowd or simply want to practice before appearing in front of large audiences.

Having been in the karaoke business for more than 25 years, Singing Machine must know a thing or two about what makes a karaoke player good. The ISM1030BT Karaoke Pedestal is a particularly good example of that, as it packs everything you could want for having a karaoke party at home.

First of all, the Singing Machine Karaoke Pedestal can play music from a lot of sources. If you’re not a big fan of CDs, you can skip the included CD-player and go either for the USB input or the Bluetooth connection. Using the latter, you can connect your smartphone or tablet to the karaoke player and have the songs played from there. The lyrics are visible on the 7″ display, which unfortunately is low-res. A resting cradle for iOS and Android devices is available separately, should you wish to pair the karaoke player with a mobile device.

Mind you, the Karaoke Pedestal isn’t for one-man (or in this case one-woman) parties! The player is equipped with two wired microphones, each of them with volume control independent from the master volume.

The best thing about it is that you don’t need to look for karaoke tracks. You can play any song from the available sources, and there’s even FM radio, in case you want to try singing the latest hits. The karaoke player enables you to mute the voice track so you can be the star of the show.

In case you want to show someone else how great of a singer you are, there’s not only USB playback available, but also USB recording. That’s right, you can shout your favorite lyrics and then have the track sent to a record company to see if you’re any good. You’ve got to admit that this requires a whole lot less effort than participating at The Voice.

If you are interested in buying the ISM1030BT model, head over to Amazon where it’s available for $219, or check out the manufacturer’s website, where it sells for $229.99.

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