Electronic Butterfly In A Jar: Realistically Magical

One of the greatest joys in childhood, which is bound to always bring a smile to your face, is to try and catch those magical, flying creatures: Butterflies. If this was a childhood hobby owning the Electronic Butterfly in a Jar will ensure that you no longer face the corresponding guilt of capturing this free creature only to find it unmoving and stiff at the bottom of the jar a few hours later.

The Electronic Butterfly In A Jar Realistically Magical

The Electronic Butterfly in a Jar will give you exactly what its name promises, a faux butterfly contained in a jar with a wire attached to it and the moment you tap the top of the jar or make a loud sound the electronics in the cap make the wire wiggle creating a very realistic illusion of the butterfly flittering in the jar or the butterfly may even rest on the glass and flex its beautiful wings and it may even look like a real butterfly trying to break free.

The Electronic Butterfly In A Jar Realistically Magical 1

Afraid you may be bored with just one? There are four kinds to choose from: Blue Morpho, Pink Morpho, Yellow Swallowtail and the Monarch Butterfly. The best part about this butterfly apart from the fact that it never requires any food and runs on batteries is that thanks to some great engineering it really feels like a real butterfly and at $19.99 it’s affordable too!

As the proud owner of the Electronic Butterfly in a jar, the butterfly’s life-saving-gadget you have found a fun way to cheat death! If you love butterflies, you will love the Butterfly Wing Jewelry or Mechanical Butterfly Earrings.