Micro-mechanical Butterfly Earrings

You must have a box full of earrings of different shapes, sizes and colors to match your stylish outfits. However, if you are looking for something small which has a look quite different from the run-of-the-mills earrings, try these lightweight “nano” earrings. These micro-mechanical butterfly earrings are made up of a metal collage that blends jewelry and watch components beautifully on a polymer clay base. A very thin coating of acrylic is present on the top surface of these tiny earrings so that the gears are strengthened.

butterfly earrings-1

Measuring almost 5/8 inches in width and 1/2 inches in tallness, the butterfly of these earrings also come with a black Swarovski crystal bead at the apex (in case you choose the one featured in the image below).

butterfly earrings-2

Though these tiny pieces of art are a great thing to possess and flaunt, you may even consider gifting them to your loved ones. To make it easy for you to gift these micro-mechanical butterfly earrings, they are delivered in a gift box filled with black cotton. Depending on which earring you choose, you will need to shell out $18 or $26 to own these pieces.

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