6 Wonderful Wonder Woman Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Wonder Woman was famous for her appearance in the DC comics & the 70’s TV show but, her popularity vastly grew since she was re-introduced to movie goers in ‘Batman vs Superman; Dawn of the Justice’ and is estimated to take over the world when her own movie comes out in 2017. She showed her strength, power, and her quite stunning look.

Do you want to change the world, or at least feel like you can? These Wonder Woman hoodies and sweatshirts will make you feel like you can. Check out this list of appealing, stunning pieces of cloth that will make you feel as wondrous as Wonder woman.

DC Comics Women’s Wonder Woman Christmas Sweatshirt

Wonder Woman1

When we think about sweatshirts, we think about a warm, cozy, and convenient piece of clothing we wear in the winter. This Wonder Woman sweatshirt is perfect if you like spending your winter mornings by the fireplace in your warm home. Imagine yourself wearing this sweatshirt on a cold winter night while playing your favorite game, or spending Christmas morning with your family. This sweatshirt is an absolute must have for any occasion, and you can feel free to wear it all year long. Make yourself look wondrous for $26.99.

DC Comics Women’s Wonder Woman Pull-over Hoodie

Wonder Woman2

This Wonder Woman pull-over sweatshirt is perfect for every girl that wants to stand out from the crowd, get a lot of compliments, and look memorable. A laid-back design of a sweatshirt that is perfect for every occasion: From going to school to going to the comic cons and geeky festivals girls like you like to visit at this time of the year. The color is gray, which is great for the introvert kind of geeks that don’t want to be too notable but still be remembered. ‘This girl plays rough’ is a clear call to action for every girl who doesn’t like to be messed with. Show your confidence, strength, and style for $26-$56, depending on size and availability.

Women DC Comics Wonder Woman Foil Costume Hoodie

Wonder Woman3

With very rich and vibrant colors, this hoodie will make you look wonderful, strong and powerful- just like Wonder Woman. It has a Wonder Woman sign on the chest, and stars that mark her powerful outfit all over the sleeves and pockets that are on the front, making it convenient to put a mobile phone and other small gadgets that today’s girls use. It’s fleece lined inside, and very nice to wear outside on a not-freezing winter day. It has a large hood that covers well, and a 3D crown that compliments it and decorates it. This jacket will make you feel very desirable and you will get a lot of positive comments on wearing it. Buy it $37.99-$39.99.

Women’s DC Comics Wonder Woman Logo Hoodie Sweatshirt

Wonder Woman4

Wonder Woman’s color is red, but what about you? It can be your favorite color as well if you decide to buy this wonderful Wonder Woman pull-over sweatshirt, that comes with her logo on the chest making you look like some superheroine who entered a video game. It’s perfect for any occasion from school to going out, and you’re definitely not going to regret having it. It is made out of smooth and good-quality material and the hood fits just fine. You’re going to love being vibrant, cool and stylish. Get this amazing sweatshirt and look just like the Wonder Woman for $26.

DC Comics Women’s Wonder Woman Retro Sweatshirt

Wonder Woman5

Are you a fan of retro שרא and pin-up girls? Great! Because this Wonder Woman sweatshirt is exactly this. If you’re looking for something that is less eye-stabbing, vibrant and colorful, then this sweatshirt is exactly for you. The print features Wonder Woman in her endeavors drawn in a retro style that seems to fit the 70’s or 80’s style of drawing. It’s pretty relaxing and simple, yet it goes with everything and is very comfortable. It comes in two colors, blue and gray. You can buy it on Amazon.

Reversible Wonder Woman Hoodie 

Wonder Woman6

This two-sided Wonder Woman hoodie is perfect for geeks who like to change a lot of clothes and make various geeky combinations for the events like comic cons, movies, or just going out with your friends. Both sides are very rich in color and quite vibrant. You will love to wear it along with your other pieces of clothes. You can buy it on Amazon.