8 Most Awesome Star Wars Shirts for Girls

Are you excited about the new Star Wars movie? So are we. To show just how excited we are, our we prepared something special in this article. If you’re going to the premiere, you want to make sure that you look as geeky yet fashionable as possible. You want to stand out from the crowd and show how much of a die-hard Star Wars fan you are, yet maintain the classy, stylish manner. Doing all of that is possible, in case you were wondering

We’ve prepared a compelling list of Star Wars shirts for women you can wear during the premiere, and beyond that specific day as well. You’d be able to wear them for any occasion whether are you on the dark side or on a journey to discover your inner Jedi. And, don’t forget, may the force be with you!

Star Wars R2-D2 Tank Top

Star Wa

Classic and robotic! This shirt fits any kind of occasion. Wearing this R2-D2 tank-top dress will make you stand, as you will look fabulous. You will be able to wear it on the premieres, parties, on festivals, gyms; absolutely everywhere! You’re sure to receive a lot of compliments because it will tighten your body, feel comfortable and look stylish all-in-one. The fabric is breathable, and the material is dry-fit. Most importantly the print is extremely geeky for all Star Wars fans. Buy it here for $8.98.

Star Wars A New Hope Poster V-Neck T-Shirt


If you’re looking for a casual kind of shirt that you can wear anytime of the day and even use as a warm and comfortable pajama, this classic Star Wars shirt is the one. It’s a black and white print which allows any Star Wars loving girl to combine it with any outfit, and it is very convenient for the famous comic con festivals, cosplays, or just a regular Star Wars marathon at home. It’s made of cotton and polyester and is really comfortable for any occasion. It’s very easy to wash in the washing machine and the print is still maintained with the top quality. Hopefully, this shirt will become your favorite in no time, and represent your love for Star Wars in the process. Get it for yourself here for $20.32

Star Wars Darth Vader & Friends Poster Long-sleeves Shirt


This pullover is meant for all star wars fangirls that enjoy being geeky during the cold days. The artwork is gorgeous and it goes with everything. It fits nicely and makes you look quite stunning. If you’re a fan of Darth Vader and the dark side and you like this kind of a laid-back, classic styling, this pullover is right for you. Get it here for $29.

The ‘I’m your mother’ T-Shirt


We know that the scene of Darth Vader confessing that he’s Luke’s father is one of the most epic moments in the Star Wars series. How about ‘I am your mother’? This shirt will appeal to every mom that grew up watching or reading Star Wars. The shirt is quite powerful. It sends a powerful and epic message, and I’m sure it will be complimented on a lot. Mothers will be able to command their children and husbands as the print labels a powerful title to the geeky lady who wears it with pride. You can buy it for $17.99.

Princess Leia, “I don’t need rescuing” T-Shirt


Princess Leia is strong-willed, consistent, brave character who wants to take down the Empire. This shirt is ideal for geeky girls who want to raise their confidence; who want to believe in themselves and boost moral for the sake of better future. The shirt comes in fine gray color and the print is quite inspiring. Self-confident geeks are the best kind of geeks. This shirt will compliment your outfit wherever you are. For girls who are fans of comic cons, game cons, geeky festivals this shirt is a must have! You can buy it for $19,95

Awesome BB-8 T-Shirt


Are you a short girl? Is everyone making fun out of you? This shirt will show them you’re not short, but awesome instead. It looks geeky yet elegant and classy. You can wear it anywhere; At school, in the gym, in the cinema. It will look great with the rest of the geeky collection you’re hoarding at home. We know it’s never fun to be called short, but this Star Wars shirt for girls will help you feel amazing. Buy it for $19.95.

Star Wars ‘Sarcasm is strong with this one’ T-Shirt


The force is strong with this one, but so is the sarcasm. This shirt proves it. Do you like funny jokes and puns? Do you like to have ironic and sarcastic comebacks? Then, this Star Wars shirt is for you. The print is iconic and it will make you feel like a star, with or without getting compliments. You can currently buy it for $13.99.

Star Wars ‘The Sass is strong with this one’ T-Shirt


For every girl that feels lively, full of spirit and bold, a sassy Star Wars T-shirt is a must have. It is simple and lightweight, yet it will take breaths away from all the people around the one who wears it. It is suited to any occasion. You’ll look amazing in it, whether you’re playing a video game or having a work out in the gym. It also makes a comfortable pajama. Get it for $13.98