Alternative Wedding Guest Books

Originality is certainly the name of the game once you plan your wedding. When it comes to weddings, it seems that we are always in the run to find something original to do to help us keep the memories in the best way we can. A guest book is one way to keep those memories but there is no doubt that it’s not the most original idea out there, unless you transform it of course and give it a modern twists.

The traditional guest book has come a long way in the weddings industry, the current and modern guest books are made in the way so its truly a unique piece of art. You can pretty much transform any objects to a guest book, if done properly, here are some great ideas we found.

Wine Corks Guests Book

If you love wine you’ll love this next idea, it’s super original, easy and frugal to make and looks so classy. All you need is a marker, wine corks and a pretty bowl to put them in and you are done – once your guests arrive to the wedding they can write their names on the corks leaving a stamp that they attended your special day. Simple and elegant.  Afterwords you can keep it in a glass vase or a pretty bowl.

Alternative Weddings Guests Books 3

Flying Hearts aUnique Guest Book Poster

Create a unique art for your home using your wedding guests. In each heart a different guest will write his or her blessings for you and in the end you’ll get a custom made hearts poster to hang in your home.

Available for $37.00


Personalized Wedding Guest Book Map

Here’s a global idea you can do for your wedding, this is truly a piece of art. If you are an international couple this can be a great way to show your love story, you can point where you’ve met , where you are from and other locations such where are you going to life, where are you getting married and even the location of your honeymoon. Ask your  guests to sign on this map according to their origin. Available for $145

Wedding Guest Book 3

Story line

Another great way to let your guests be a part at your wedding is by this “Story line” guest book. In this form of a guest book your guests write their favorite stories and memories of you and hang them on the line for all to read, the result can be funny and extra special. This is for sure one of the best pieces of memory you’ll have. It’s super easy to make and again extra frugal as well. Via elizabethannedesigns

Creatvie Weddings Guests Books 4 copy

 Fall Wedding Guest Book

This guest book is like a pretty work art you can hang in your home. It has a winter romantic feel to it, so I think that if you are planning to get married on the fall/winter this is certainly a great guest book idea for you. The guest book is made out of little heart tags that your guests will write in them a brief messages and well wishes to you and hang on the branches.The tags have an organic vibe and are made from gorgeous, textural, handmade papers. Available for $35-$240 (depends on the amount of tags)

Wedding Guest Book 4

Guest Book Stones

If you love nature you’ll appreciate the simplicity and calmness of this next guest book idea. Instead of having your guests sign something that will probably get boxed somewhere in your house, let them sign their best wishes on something you can use to decorate your home. This stone display is a constant reminder of your special day. Get it for $85.00

Guest Book Stones 1

JENGA! Guest book

This is another way to see how you can pretty much use anything to make an awesome guest book, all you need here are some JENGA blocks, a good pen that will write on them and you are done! Your guests will love to add a little message on the little bricks as they come in. This is super creative and so affordable to make. Via Ohlovelyday

Alternative Weddings Guests Books

Sea/ Waves Wedding Guest Book

Here’s another great example of a “poster art” guest book. It’s simple looking but yet so meaningful since each of the sea waves will capture a different wish of one of your guests.  This tree nicely accommodates between 50-140 signs Available for $25.00


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