Hello Kitty Melon

It’s well known that Japanese people love crazy stuff, especially when it comes to food, and love to pay good money for these things. That’s why we weren’t surprise to see the Hello Kitty melon, which has the famous cat’s face stamped on it!

hello kitty melon

Today you can find the hello kitty face on practically everything, including melons!  So how was it done?  Hello Kitty’s face was carved into the fruit when it was still green and before the melon became covered in its net-like outer skin. The melon you see above is a Hello Kitty Furano melon from Hokkaido, Japan. This “treat” will cost you $49, but you have to be quick because there’s a limit of only 300 melons. In japan, this price is not considered very high because melons are usually expensive, especially high quality melons.

So what do you think? Would you buy this melon?

hello kitty melon 2

Via: Kotaku.com