Be Cool with this Personal Air Conditioner Gadget

If you have ever lived in a really hot place, you will know the importance of keeping cool. With that in mind, this personal air conditioner, called Handy Cooler™ lowers the temperature of the air around you, and keeps you cool through the day.

personal air cooler gadget

This device isn’t like an ordinary personal fan, but it actually cools the surroundings by using evaporation. The best part is, it can run on battery power, and it even runs on USB power!! So if you’re out on a hot day, camping or hiking, just turn on your Handy Cooler™ and you’re all set to battle the heat. The Handy Cooler™ is really small, measuring only 7″x3.5″x2″ which makes it convenient to carry in your pocket or just dump in your handbag.

To use the Handy Cooler™, all you have to do is wet the sponge, which is made of cellulose. The fan then runs to produce an evaporation effect, which in turn cools the surrounding air in a very environment friendly way. The manufacturers even recommend using it with your favorite essential oil, to give you some cooling relaxation through the day. The device is available in a Sky Blue, Cool Black and Soft Pink and costs only $39.99.

On those same days it is so hot and you need to use the personal air cooler, you could wear the Solar Light Cap, so it could charge and provide plenty of easy light at night. Also, make sure the Solar Powered tote bag is nearby, so different electronics would also be ready for evening time.