A Solar Powered Bag makes for a Great Tote Bag

Be Online even when you are off the network grid, listen to your music all day long, watch movies, play games and go shopping, cos this Juice Bag – Solar powered beach tote enables you to do all of that at the same time. How? Well, all you need is power, and that is what this solar power bag provides. The Juice Bag gains its energy from the sun and with the help of a car charger can be used to plug in and charge all your devices and gadgets running on battery power. IT IS as simple as that.

solar tote bag

bag_tote_inner bag_tote_innerpckt

Talk about a brilliant idea, in a world where going green is cool, is in, and let’s face it, our only option. Rewarestore will provide you the complete specs, but the juice bag already has everything going for it, it is eco-friendly, and independently can be used as a recyclable and washable canvas bag, with a water proof base, a CLA adapter, and special pocket for your precious gadget.

carcharger cla

Now you can step out of the house and catch up with your friends on the go, from anywhere. The juice bag is being promoted as a beach tote, which of course provides for its complete and efficient use, since there will be ample amount of time and sunshine to charge your gadgets. It is definitely a ‘gotta have bag’.