Chanel Is Selling a New Water Bottle for $5000

Channel's expensive water bottle 5k

My father always told me when I was a kid that for high-quality products you need to pay. You get what you paying for, he said. Little did he know about Chanel’s new golden water bottle. Recently, Channel started to sell a new golden water bottle on their website that comes with a matching bag for $5000. Yes, you read it correctly, 5000 US DOLLARS for a water bottle that comes with a nice looking tote bag. Great deal right? You should snap it right away no? For $5k that bottle better be BPA Free.

new water bottle by channel cost 5k

In case you are super rich and you are into luxurious water bottles, you can buy this expensive water bottle on Chanel’s website. This Lambskin, Black & Gold-Tone Metal Water bottle size dimensions are 8.2 × 3.5 × 3.5 in (cm ), which makes this expensive water bottle size to be just normal like ordinary water bottles. If you some “spare change” to spend on a golden water bottle, I’d say go for it, otherwise, you should check out some other geeky & cool flask designs. Looking for something less expensive but cool, you can always buy the Supergirl tin tote bag instead.

Below you can take a closer look at this “reasonably priced” Chanel water bottle. If you take a closer look you probably still won’t find a good reason why it’s so expensive. To play devil’s advocate this Canel product is not just a water bottle and a bag but a fashion statement, perhaps a social status.

Gold water bottle by channel that cost $5000

So next time you feel like you want to stay hydrated and decide to look for a good water bottle, imagine what if you could afford Chanel’s water bottle after that I strongly suggest to go back to reality and just buy a regular good water bottle on Amazon, there are plenty of options that won’t break your bank. To save you time, money, and effort we found you the best options here.