Lomography Camera Now in Hot Pink

Who said that photography equipment cannot be designed and styled with a Women’s fashion sense? If you find such a person, then you should definitely show them this beautiful Hot Pink Lomography camera entitled LOMO Mr. Pink Diana.


With both a “Mr.” and “Diana” in the name, this Pink Lomography camera is a thing of beauty. It represents an old style of photography and has a sense of retro written all over it.

The LOMO Mr. Pink Camera kit features one plastic lens, two shutter settings, manual focus, & three aperture settings. Also includes a retro-styled electronic flash that can use either white or colored lights! Every box comes with a camera strap, a lens cover, and a “Diana Vignettes” 200-pg history mini booklet.

What a beautiful sight for hobbyist and collector’s alike, who are looking for a bright camera to take old style photographs with Hot Pink fashion.

Via: FredFlare Via: GeekSugar