Quattro 6000D is a Sewing Machine Monster

It looks awesome, doesn’t it? Well, for a sewing machine, it definitely does, I’d say. If you love to stitch, you would know how frustrating it is to struggle to adjust, stitch and create something beautiful, just cos of the lack of accuracy in our primitive sewing machines. And how many times would you have prayed that it had one more feature that could make you job much simpler.

sew machine 3

All your prayers will be answered by the Quattro 6000D, which is yet to be launched. Though the name sounds very futuristic and probably fake, the machine itself is very real. You can get everyone from young kids to oldies to stitch using the Quattro 6000D, owing to its ‘InnovEye’ and ‘Up-Close Viewer’. So young kids can be trained to be creative and the elders can spend their leisure time stitching stuff for babies.

sew machine2

Get a load of that awesome bird’s eye view on the 4.5 x 7-inch Sharp HD LCD display above. The only drawback might be that it is quite huge for a new age machine, but then when you get to plug in all you fancy flash drives into it and get a bird’s eye view of your cloth being designed, would you really mind that?

sewing machine

Via: Engadget