Bag a TV: BagTV is Just that and More

This is definitely ALL we Women need. They say all women have everything they ever need neatly tucked away in their handbags, and mind you the bags do not have to be large, they can be the tiniest and cutest of bags and still have lots of useful stuff in them such as a TV set!

bag with tv

I’d like all of you ladies out there to play complete attention to what I am about to describe, yeah what you see above is not a hoax. Bagtv from Bagtv, UK, is just that and more, a television in a handbag, designed to cater to all of our everyday needs. As you can see it comes in several colors and is full of style. Own this and not only will you be known as the lady in touch with current trends but also be the one with solutions to travel boredom, babysitting kids, entertaining, and getting in touch with the world, ALL the time.

cool fashion bag with tv

Bagtv is not only a TV in a bag, but the whole system allows connectivity to computers or digital cameras through a USB port and SD card slot. The battery is ultra light and play time is up to 2.5 hours. The best thing about it is that it comes along with several accessories and can be used as a standalone player too.

bag design with tv