Exclusive TRASER Watches for Ladies

It doesn’t  really matter what people say about the use of a watch now-a-days. Most people say they are out of use now, since technology has brought us numerous gadgets that put a watch to little use. It once was a gadget of important use, now it has become an accessory in fashion.

ladies watch traser

Whatever be the use, ladies watches are always in, especially cos we want to match it with our clothes, our bags and our shoes. And also cos of the fact that we love colors! Traser caters to the taste buds of ladies who love to use watches in different colors, but here is the thing, not only do they give us a choice in colors, they have added a xing to it. After you have chosen your favorite color, take a closer look of this unique ladies watch.

cool watches for ladies traser

Traser watches now come with unique radio luminescence, with trigalight technology that uses the electrons of the tritium gas sealed airtight, to create permanent luminescence. Using this technology, the watch lights up much more brighter than any of the older versions of the same. They also give us a guarantee these watches lasting for ten years, and for all that duration having the same intensity of illumination. Here is a picture of the watch showing its illumination at work.

watches for women traser

The thing is, though several new gadgets based on amazing new technologies keep coming up, i think watches will always have their unique place and never go out of style owing to their simplicity. Now who would wanna dig the handbag, or jeans pockets to tell time, when a simple wrist watch does it in split seconds, during the day or at night.

Via : Geniusbeauty