Animated Remote Control Dog DIY

This is one of the greatest remote controlled dogs I have ever seen with all its different colors and also the ability to be shaped and structured in different ways tailored to meet your personality with all the love and affection a girl could wish for.


There is something about puppies that makes you love them no matter how ugly they are, and this RC dog could be the ugliest or cutest based on the way you build it. It comes with a graphic manual that allows anyone (even children) to build its own remote controlled pet in different ways, shapes and cuteness.

With the different mechanisms installed, you may not be able to teach this dog tricks to do by itself, but it could roll, move and still react to your touch…on the remote control. Oh yes, and it is definitely as cute as the Pink Gundam Robot we previously seen.

For only $49.95, it could be a great pet without too much hassle of cleaning up, feeding or taking care of.