Pink Gundam Robot is Pretty in Pink

This is one Gundam Robot that is too beautiful for words, in all actuality it is definitely pretty in pink and with all the surrounding jewels and beauty, it could be a muse for some.


Usually Gundam robots are fearless, scary, tough and all sort of additional manly features, but now it is finally given a sight that women deserve.

This particular pink Gundam robot from Motocity is light pink with white borders and touch ups. It is decorated with different girly jewelry (or stickers) and hearts that make it something you couldn’t really be scared of; kind of reminds me of the Pink Power Ranger.

Even the gun itself looks harmless, looking as if it will shoot out beautiful and pink flowers to all those who avoid love.

I must admit that I would have never believed such a thing could look so amazing unless I seen it with my own two eyes.