Go Green With The Stylish Solar Light Cap

Being eco-friendly is all the rage now and anything eco-friendly is seen as fashionable. Not surprisingly, geeks everywhere are trying to join in and conquer their worst enemy of before, the world of fashion, be creating green wearable technology. After all, if it helps the environment then you couldn’t possibly go wrong!

solar light cap

Geeks have been trying things like this for ages but their ventures into the fashion world with DIY gadgets have usually made them the laughing stock of their city (if they weren’t already, that is). Forget DIY gadgets and just get yourself this Solar Light Cap and tell people you made this yourself. The baseball cap has a solar panel on the brim of the cap which catches all those hot sun rays throughout the day. At night, you could turn on a button and two LED spotlights will give you a cool alien look.

The Solar Light Cap would be quite handy on camping trips or even reading a book in bed without disturbing your mate (girls, take a hint) and you would be saving so much power with this. The $35 cap ThinkGeek.com is actually quite stylish with the solar panel flashing silver against the black of the cap. 2 hours of solar charging can power the spotlights for 2 hours and dimming the lights can make it go for 18 hours (up to 36 hours on maximum charge). You could also use the flashing SOS mode to imitate a stranded alien waiting for the mother-ship’s arrival!

cool solar light cap