Matryoshkas Nesting Dolls As Measuring Cups

The traditional Russian nesting dolls Matryoshkas have inspired many interesting products and seem to be right inspiration for each of them. They are such amazing cute dolls that they seem to fit the bill as measuring cups of different sizes which fit in together too. Matryoshkas as 6 dry measure cups is one of the best trendy kitchen utility products.

matryoshka nesting doll measuring cups

Each well equipped kitchen must have a set of measure cups for measuring different quantity of things required for cooking. The Matryoshkas measuring cups come in six different sizes starting from ¼ cup to 1 cup and are made up of good safe food grade plastics. These hollow nested dolls fit in together and can be kept as a cute corner décor in any modern geek kitchen, and are nice reminders of not only Russian folklore but also of lost carefree days of childhood, as all the doll play and the cycle of motherhood. A set of six costs only $12.50 and can a great addition to any kitchen.

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