Awesome and Portable Spotlight 12V Rechargeable LED Light

mini led pocket light

The Spotlight Rechargeable LED Light is an amazing new gadget that is extremely portable and practical, making it a great alternative for pocket lights, affordable and chic.

When you first see the Spotlight LED light, you are impressed with its simplicity, yet chic design, making it attractive to the eyes and adorable to those around you. After trying it out, we were highly impressed with its feel (made of aircraft grade aluminum), its light and also the cool accessories that go along with it.

The Spotlight by itself is a miniature pocket LED light that could easily fit in your car, drawer and especially in your pocket. It comes in a variety of colors, making it more than just a practicality and could easily be something that a geeky girl wouldn’t mind carrying, for its looks and ability.

A cool and major feature of the Spotlights LED Lights is the recharging abilities. They are built as the perfect size and fit perfectly inside a car lighter socket. With an included adapter, it doesn’t only take up the space of the car lighter, but charges quickly, so you always have a LED flash light available. In addition, with a full charge, the LED will last 3 full hours for a distance of 50 Meters (150 feet), which is an a great and beneficial feat for such a convenient pocket light.

car led light

There are many cool accessories for this LED, so you can take it away from the car and fasten it on a keychain, charge it at home, have a dashboard or mini desk lamp, attach it easily to your bicycle handlebars and simply have it with you at many daily activities…without being burdened by its size, the battery or actual light effect.

The Spotlight runs for only $19.95 and arrives in one of many different colors including: Yellow Taxi, Gremlin Green, Lil Mule Blue, Pink Caddy, Pimp Purple, Phantom Silver, Time Machine Titanium, Jet Black, Jungle Green, Gun Metal Grey, Racecar Red and Hazard County Orange.

You can take a look at all their different kits available and check out full details or specs at the official site of Spotlight.