20 Unique Gift Ideas for Christmas

Sometimes, the best way to improve your life is by getting yourself a unique and unusual gift, that are useful while being one of those things that you know none of your friends own, which makes it even better to have.

Prescription Coffee Mug

unique  gift Prescription Coffee Mug

Bigmout’s prescription coffee mug is perfect for people who don’t mind drinking coffee (or anything else, we won’t judge) while people looking from afar thinking they’ve gone a little bit coco. Available for $8.40.

e-joy Dancing Water Speaker

funky gift e-joy Dancing Water Speaker

A perfect item for the people who love putting on music on their computer and then watching some sort of wave graphic displaying the sounds visually. Available for $29.99.

UP3 by Jawbone

funky gift UP3 by Jawbone

One of Oprah’s favorite things, which means a lot to some people, the UP3 is a stylish way to keep tabs on your body, even while you’re sleeping. It’s basically a heart health monitoring throughout the day and comes with advanced sleep tracking automatically to capture REM, along with other features. Get if for $144.99.

Silicone Ice Ball Mold

unique  gift idea Silicone Ice Ball Mold

For the people looking to make their drink cooler in a cool and stylish way, the Lucentee large ice ball maker is the perfect addition to the kitchen. Buy this for $10.99.

Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

unique  gift BigMouth Inc Ultimate Wine Bottle GlassSometimes, a day at work can make you need more than one glass of wine. Or you simply hate filling our glass after each drink. Works either way. You can buy it for $16.54.

 Glow in The Dark Earbuds

unique  gift idea Glow in the Dark headphones

This is extremely cool for two reasons: The zipbud cabelling, which means it doesn’t tangle; and the glow in the dark thing, which makes everything better. Buy these for $24.95.

R2-D2 Ceramic Teapot funky gift R2-D2 Ceramic Teapot

If you’re ever hosting a jedi tea party, the R2-Tea2 is the perfect teapot for your Star Wars needs. You don’t even have to be a Star Wars fan to enjoy this one. Blue and White makes everything better. You can buy this teapot for $39.99.

Plush Unicorn Slippers for Grown Ups

unique  gift Plush Unicorn Slippers

Unicorns don’t really exist, or maybe no one has found them yet. But just the thought of a unicorn on your feet makes walking around the house with these slippers even more comfortable. For $19.99, you can buy these unique slippers.

Pac-Man USB Ghost Lamp

funky gift Pac-Man USB Ghost Lamp

The combination of retro-gaming, 16 different colors to choose from and the party ghost mode which means each color change comes with a sound makes this the best house/work lamp ever made. This can be yours for $31.99.

 Umbra Zoola Bunny Ring Holder, Chrome

funky gift Umbra Zoola Bunny Ring Holder

As someone who constantly misplaces their wedding ring (Writing with it is difficult, remembering where you put it is harder), this would be a perfect item to put around the house, and it doesn’t hurt if it looks all shiny and chrome (like in Mad Max!). Buy the ring holder for $8.00.

Umbra Skyline Wall-Mount Multi-Hook

funky gift Umbra Skyline Wall-Mount Multi-Hook

The Umbra skyline is a pretty enough thing to put on the wall as some alternative art style you wanna brag about to your friends. But it’s more than that! It helps you keep things off the couch! Buy for $18.74.

Picnic Table Condiment Set

funky gift  Picnic Table Condiment

This is one of those items that fills out so many purposes at once. Besides being a cool place to hold you salt, pepper, Ketchup and whatever else, it’s also one of those things you can’t help but smile when using each time. For a better looking kitchen, buy it for $10.53.

Umbra Trigem Three-Tier Jewelry Tree

funky gift Umbra Trigem Three-Tier Jewelry Tree

Some thing don’t need too much explaining. The Umbra tree for hanging jewelry is one of them. It’s simply a great looking item that also happens to be useful. Make your jewelry more comfortable for $25.

Exclusive Rubik’s Cube Fridge

funky gift Exclusive Rubik's Cube Fridge

While we’re not in the 1980’s anymore, the Rubik’s cube is still one of those fascinating things that never runs out of style. It’s only a mini fridge, but great things come in small sizes as well. Take a closer look.

Chemist’s Spice Rack

funky gift Chemist's Spice Rack

You don’t have to be a Chemist or Breaking Bad fan to love this Chemist’s spice rack, which is also a good way of remembering what each thing is. I usually forget 5 minutes after filling the glass. Look more clever by buying it for $49.99.

 Cork Lights for Parties and Atmosphere

funky gift Wine Bottle Light Cork Lights for Parties

Some things are made solely for the atmospheric needs in your life, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Making the room a better looking place with cork lights is a great way to go about it. Get these on sale for $17.49.

Chromatic: LED Color Spectrum Clock

 funky gift Chromatic- LED Color Spectrum Clock

When you thought they had run out of ways to make a clock look cool, you find out such a thing exists, and your faith in humanity and the more creative people in it is restored. Buy this amazing clock for $49.99.

Robohook White Magnetic Holder By Peleg Design

funky gift Robohook White Magnetic Holder

Liberté, égalité, fraternité. Well, these robots can fill your patriotic need as well if you feel like and you’re from France (and about a million other countries around the world) but most importantly, they’re a cool way to fulfil the magnet need in your life. Get them for $14.14.

Electrohome® USB Charging Alarm Clock

funky gift Electrohome® USB Charging Alarm Clock

People have a love-hate relationship with their alarm clock. However, chargers have probably become the most important gadget for us humans these days, so the USB charging alarm clock suddenly becomes a lot more difficult to dislike. It’s on a 30% discount, so you can buy it for just $35.00.

Mini Drone

funky gift mini drone

Drones don’t need much explaining. They’re super fun to fly, and the controller will make you feel like you’re playing a video game on your favorite console. The drone can be yours for $32.99.

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