The ‘Wave City’ Coffee Table

Years after its release, the movie Inception is still an inspiration to many in more ways than one, including its depiction and ideas about architecture, and especially the bending city dream trick Ariadne pulls off, which is the idea behind the Wave City coffee table.

The ‘Wave City’ Coffee Table

Cypriot artist Stelios Mousarris used wood, steel, and 3D printing technology to make this €4000 creation which would make a stunning addition to any living room, being more than just something to get a drink off of, but also quite fun to look at.

Yes, your pets won’t be able to snuggle at the bottom of it (which decreased the chances of them bumping the top when they get up) and the kids will either try to break the buildings or get injured on them, but hey, beauty and design is more important than anything, right?

The ‘Wave City’ Coffee Table 2

Mousarris worked for Fosters and Partners as a model maker and as an assistant designer at Duffy London before striking out on his own with the “Moussaris” company. For more on this design and others he has made, check out his website.

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Hat Tip: boredpanda