Say “Bonjour” to This Baguette Table

Finding unique and creative furniture to your house can be quite a challenge sometimes, everybody wants to have special and unique pieces. When it comes to decorating your house it’s very important to give a special touch and doing so with one of a kind piece of furniture is a great way to add some character to your home.

The baguette table by studio rygalik was desinged as a part of the  ‘the food project. the shape of taste‘ exhibition which is taking place these days at the MUSEUM OF MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ART OF TRENTO AND ROVERETO,Italy. the show presents the art of industrial projects and experimental design applied to food.

Baguette Tables 1

This really cool and not ordinary coffee table is inspired by the famous french bread, aka the Baguette. In case you were wondering the table is made from stale baguettes that were supposed to be thrown away. The guys over at rygalik studio wanted to start a discussion about food waste and to show that we can use the materials around us to build amazing things.

Baguette Tables

Via designboom