Super Mario Picnic – Making Picnics More Fun-Filled for Your Kids!

Who says you need expensive stuff to make picnics fun-filled for your kids? If you are a mom you would know how easily children can lose motivation for family picnics. To be honest, they don’t like it and you won’t like it when they all go sad.

So to excite them and amuse them, you need to take certain steps that can make each and everything delightful for them.

How about decorating the tea time snacks or the breakfast like how this person did? I would say it’s a totally new approach towards adding joy to the minute things in life. Look at it, that is not anything expensive. Just a couple of snacks, which we all usually bring in picnics, decorated keeping in mind the different things from the Super Mario Bros. In other words, with just a little bit of effort, your picnic can turn out to be a Super Mario picnic for your kids!

Don’t you think that idea would make the picnic a really memorable one for your kids? For sure it would! Imagine how excited they would be to get those mushrooms and grow bigger in size just like Super Mario does in the game; or how frantic they would be to hit the question mark box to see what’s in it. Like I said, sometimes smaller things in life that we don’t usually consider important can make some things even more worthwhile.

I particularly like the mushroom tarts and the question mark box. Both of them are simple and I don’t think they took hours to be made. You can even get them from the bakery and just top them off to make them look like those. Some strawberry tarts topped with white candies or something similar, and some plain breads with a question mark as chocolate topper are just a few of what I think you can also do with so much ease.

Overall, all the dishes here look really tasty and yup, I have a new theme now for my next family picnic, and I sure hope so do you.

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Via: Neatorama Via: Super Mario Picnic