Find Your Style this Monsoon with Lumadot LED Umbrella

Oh! How we all love the pitter-patter of those monsoon raindrops!

Besides being the most romantic season, monsoons are a treat for the eyes.  And with every monsoon comes the ultimate need to splurge on beautiful umbrellas. The bright colors, the shiny material, and attractive designs entice us from the shop-windows and urge us to possess them. But often the colors, shapes, sizes and even unique designs make us wonder that maybe we have seen it all when it comes to umbrellas. And just when we decide that there is nothing new, we are pleasantly surprised. And this latest surprise goes by the name of Lumadot LED Umbrella.

At first look, one is most likely to brush it off as a regular black umbrella that we see almost every day. But then, just a flick of a switch transforms it into a glowing device. The umbrella has small round dots on the canopy which may seem very ordinary at first but when the switch is turned, the dots brighten up all over the umbrella. These lighted dots are blue in color and look like shiny raindrops when switched on. And when you push the switch on the umbrella a little further the light on the blue dot flickers giving the umbrella a fun and exceptional look.

Besides the bright blue dots which give the umbrella an edge over the rest, the handle is another thing to watch out for. The handle has a small torch-light at the end of it which helps you to see the ground below on a dark and stormy night. The lighted canopy at the top and the mini-torch light on the other end makes this device quite eye-catching. The light in the umbrella works with the help of 3 AAA batteries which are not included with the product. Appropriately sized at 32.5 inches in length and 41 inches in width, this umbrella makes sure you stay bright and dry even in the wettest of seasons.

So if you’re worried about becoming just another part of the crowd, make sure you have Lumadot at hand. With its innovative and illuminating design, Lumadot is the perfect combination of style meets function. Not only it keeps you dry when it pours, it makes sure you light up the street when you walk out in style. Finally your search for something different ends with Lumadot, so head out because we hear the monsoon calling !  One can avail it at the cost of $29.99.

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