Perfect Portions Digital Food Scale: The Best Weighing Scale To Have Around!

How many times do you want to curse that weighing scale and wish you were magically five pounds lighter? Well, The Perfect Portions Digital Food Scale is not magic, but it’s the closest thing to magic that you will find.

This scale is the go to scale if you are tired of those extra pounds and dozens of diet books that clutter your bookshelves!

Perfect Portions Digital Food Scale

Perfect Portions Digital Food Scale (3)

This product functions as a nutritional food scale and a calculator, and acts as an excellent checker of the amount of calories you consume, perfect for those who are on a diet. This Digital Food Scale has a built in database of about 2000 food items, allows you about 99 custom entries, and acts as a tracking device of your calorie intake and breakdown of your nutritional intake, whether its calories, carbohydrates, proteins, sugar, fiber or sodium. This scale is also extremely easy and simple to use. All you have to do is set the scale at zero, place the particular food item on the scale, and punch in the code of the food, and voila! The LCD screen will display not only the weight of the food but its nutritional content as well! Plus, the scale is lightweight, really easy to clean, has a beautiful stylish glass design, and has hygienic touchpad keys which are easy to maneuver.

Perfect Portions Digital Food Scale (2)

So, at just $50 you can start making healthy choices about your food and be prepared to say goodbye to those extra calories and pounds! There is more for you health freaks: the Interactive Digital Cooking Aid.