The Hairstylist Cake: Because Your Hairstylist Is A Cut Above The Rest!

Listening patiently, they hear you bitch and crib whenever you visit them once a month.  Well, I’m talking about your hairstylist of course!

Now, you can show them your gratitude through the Hairstylist Cake. Designed by the very talented Debbie, this cake certainly does justice to a breed of workers who not only make our lovely tresses look great but make us feel good as well!

The Hairstylist Cake

This cake looks absolutely breathtaking as if belonging to a museum. Also, this will surely be loved by the Hello Kitty Cake lovers. The cake which is shaped like a blow dryer was covered in a beautiful crimson red and looks very realistic on account of the black shading work that Debbie has magically included in making this marvelous masterpiece. The magic that surrounds the cake does not end there. What makes the cake even more of a challenge and jaw dropping is that it not only includes the blow dryer but also the electrical cord of the blow dryer which is attached to a switchboard. Debbie has also included a number of very cool accessories which hairstylists use like the trusted pair of scissors with rubber cushioning on the ends, two combs, a brush used for coloring hair, an adorable nail file, two cute, blue hair clips and a bottle of lethal looking red nail polish. And the astounding part is, all are edible!

So, put your baking skills to the test and show any hairstylist friend or lover how much you love them! The Mini Cupcake Factory could also come into use.