Hello Kitty Cake: Hello Kitty Goes Edible!

Whodoesn’t love the fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio and is a symbol of Japanese popular culture? Well, I’m talking about Hello Kitty! And now we have a Hello Kitty Cake! That’s right; every little girls’ favourite character is now going edible with a scrumptious Hello Kitty Cake, which will be a visual and toothy treat for adults and children alike!Hello Kitty Cake

It is true that Hello Kitty Cakes are available by the dozen, but this has got to be the sweetest (pun intended) and most unusual Hello Kitty Cake there is out there! And the quirkiest part of this inventive treat is that the head of Hello Kitty is served on a platter! This mouth watering treat that portrays the female, white Japanese bobtail cat with her signature red bow located on one side of her head is a wonderfully accurate replica of the original Hello Kitty Cat! And yet, there is still a touch of creativity involved; for it also includes an adorable, orange bow around her neck and three delicious little white flowers with yellow middles placed on each side of Hello Kitty apart from the identical black eyes, yellow nose and delicious chocolate whiskers on each side! And you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on a Hello Kitty Cake, because these cakes can be made at home, using simple recipes. Eco Cellphone Cake and the Jellio Cupcake Table for all you Cake Lovers.

Created by Debbie, this cake with its white icing for the head and measuring 7.5” makes baking look fun and yum!