Once Bitten Toothbrush Holders are Cute and Adorable

Your toothbrush is meant for keeping germs at bay. What happens when your toothbrush becomes a prey?

The predator could be anything from a whale to a shark or even a cute little pink pig. Sounds weird but is true, though partially. We are actually talking about the range of Once Bitten toothbrush holders that bite into your toothbrushes.

A set of five toothbrush holders have been designed to keep your toothbrushes secure. The five different animals featured are the pig, shark, seal, swordfish and whale. Each holder is unique in itself. However, all five have one thing in common. They are all hungry, always hungry. Gaping with eyes wide open, each creature presents a very sad expression, as if eagerly awaiting something. They might look sad but at the same time look very adorable. You cannot stop yourself from smiling at them. They can continue biting into your toothbrush for as long as you leave the brush in their mouths.

With the help of suction cups the Once Bitten holders stick on to any smooth surface and can stay there forever. It is easy to feed each wide gaping mouth with a toothbrush and satisfy its hunger. In fact, these hungry holders can go beyond a toothbrush. They can be served with a variety of items as the holders have a very strong grip. Try using them for your keys, pens, pencils, light stationary items or even a couple of very light jewelry. Stick one on an area close to the door and you will never forget your house keys and car keys. Make sure that something very heavy is not placed within the jaws as that will prove to be more than a mouthful. Eventually it will cause the suction cups to give away and anything in the holder will fall off. After all gravity will play its part and pull down anything too heavy.

All five wild critters have been made of plastic but differ slightly in size. While the width remains the same the length of each differs, based on the shape of a particular creature. The smallest is the pig which is 1.25 inches long. The longest is the shark with a length of 2.5 inches. The bright colors make them all the more appealing.

We all love to welcome each day with a smile. If these small inanimate creatures can bring that much loved smile on each face then it is sure worth the spending $9.99 on each of them.

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