Scratch My Back Grater

Graters have always been a quintessential part of our kitchens and homes, especially given the popularity of grated cheese on a variety of dishes including the very popular cheese macaroni. Despite their popularity, the design of the ubiquitous grater has always been simple and functional.

However, this is not true anymore as a very creative team of designers has brought about a new way to look at this essential part of today’s kitchen.

The Scratch My Back is a hedgehog shaped grater, which brings both fun and function to your otherwise boring yet useful kitchen instrument. The concave shape of this hedgehog makes grating a smooth experience while the four legs are fitted firmly onto any surface, making movement minimum. This grater ensures that whatever you grate remains in the dish and there is no spillage to clean anymore.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourselves this great grater and you will see for yourself that grating cheese onto your dishes has never been easier than this.

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Via: marija vidanovic