Cute Lady Grater for Perfectly Grated Veggies!

Adorable kitchen gadgets and smell of good food are the only incentives I have to step inside my kitchen, and this amazingly cute Lady Grater is yet another simple and dolled-up kitchen accessory that will churn out nicely grated veggies, cheese  or anything for that matter.  I think the poised smiling Lady on the top conveys the persona of women in kitchen, an image of a sorted-out and warm individual.

lady grater kitchen gadget

The lady’s  attire is completed with the gown-shaped grater area at the bottom. The plastic-rimmed end keeps holds the grated stuff inside in the conical space as against the normal slicers or graters that are held like a backward slash spilling stuff all around it.  It  has hatched from the land of France and is designed by Cra Cra. It stands 10 inches tall and 4.5 inches in diameter and retails for only $24.99.

We recently spilled the beans on number of adorable kitchen utilities like the new Calf and Half Creamer, a Crazy Pizza Cutter and even Mood Bottle Openers that all fit within a collection of crazy and off the wall kitchen gadgets. So if you are thinking of revamping your kitchen decor, such stuff will definitely be beautiful and intriguing tools to use in your personal meal factory.